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About Trenox

Trenox, whose real name is Raphael von Hoch, is a rapidly growing artist from Germany. He started music production at the early age of 9 years. "I want to produce music that makes people vibe. That's what I love about music and it is my major goal in the music industry." Mainly in Slap House and Electro Pop you can enjoy his music across all renowned platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and more. Next to producing he is the author of the book "The Music Production Guide" that sums up all his knowledge about music production in terms of mixing, but also contains information about mastering and marketing. It is more closely described below.

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Trenox is co-founder of StudyMonk. As a team with the EDM producer Dantec, they build and provide studying playlists on Spotify. Offering a range of different genres and sounds, they also developed a unique combination of the 50/10 studying principle, meaning to study for 50 minutes and having a break for 10, and Spotify playlists. All of their free-to-listen-to playlist are released as original and 50/10 version, in which "StudyMonka, your new study guide" will lead you through the studying process.

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The Music Production Guide

"I wrote this e-book to sum up all my knowledge in music production I gathered over the last years. From mixing over mastering, releasing, even about marketing these 34 pages of PDF contain the knowledge I needed to jump from producing music as a hobby to making money with my professional sounding music. I hope it will help you to level up your career. Click on more about the book for more detailed information, summary of content and buying opportunities."

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